About Us

The relationship between a cat and his or her human is unique to each pair – but always based on love (and lots of treats of course). Cats Club does not only celebrate these beautiful bonds between feline and friend but is here to enhance each relationship with endless resources catered to your questions and concerns regarding everything cat. A cat lover’s Mecca – where each of you can safely come to ask questions, learn, laugh, and love together. Not only are we here to help you become more knowledgeable about the relationship you share with your best furry friend – we also work with not-for-profit organizations all over the world to find you your next kitty-cat roommate.


Cats Club is constantly evolving to ensure cats and their humans can further connect, grow, and learn from each other. With this in mind, Cats Club doesn’t only offer cute pictures, memes, and videos (…although those are great!!), but goes one step further and presents you with a place to ask questions of concern and curiosity. Cats Club has professionals on standby, ready to answer your questions regarding all things cat. Our work with inspiring cat shelters and cat charities allows us the gift of finding you your soul-cat. Whether you are looking to get your kitty a brother or sister, trying to decide between a younger or older cat, searching for a particular breed, or just needing a reliable third party to help you with your decision – Cats Club is here for you! Choose your location and select a breed and we will pair you up with one of the many kitties out there looking for a new home.


Whether you are: looking to gift a kitty in need with a new family and home; looking for information on your kitties cute (…and not so cute) behavioral tendencies; or simply for an endless stream of memes, pictures, and up-to-date cat news articles, Cats Club is the place to do all that!


This is a community that opens up its arms to you and your cat(s). A place to celebrate the bonds we share with our cats and others that understand the importance of these relationships.



If you have any questions for us here at Cats.Club, please e-mail us at support@meowingtons.com!



Cats.Club – Where cat lovers unite.